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Whether you’ve been mountain biking a few times or starting your very first hike, you’re definitely not alone. Since the cycling craze in 2020, more and more women are entering the world of mountain biking and trying out this fast-paced outdoor sport.

“Now everyone wants to try [mountain biking] and I think it’s super rad, ”says the longtime mountain biker and founder of Cosmic dirt, Ashley Duffus-Jambor. “Over the past year, the general outdoor population has changed dramatically. “

However, like many outdoor sports, the entry price can be steep when you count the bike, helmet, tools, and other essentials. It can also be difficult to decipher what is absolutely necessary for a ride and what you might be able to do without as you get to know the sport.

To get you started, we spoke with several female mountain bikers who have spent countless hours on the trails. We had their advice on where to start when it comes to the trail and your ATV gear.

On the track:

Due to the recent increase in women’s mountain biking, all of our sources mentioned trying a women’s riding group, a lesson, or finding good people to ride with. More and more women’s riding groups are popping up everywhere, so if you don’t see one near you, ask your local bike shop if they know of any in your area.

While everyone has their own preferences, these groups of riders can help you meet a community, share knowledge, and inspire you for what you can do as a rider.

“Running with fun and supportive people is the key! »Says pro rider, artist and defender, Brooklyn Bell. “Riding with the right people helps keep things safe and gives new riders a space to learn and progress. “

The equipment:

Gear side, co-owner of You bet! Bicycle sales and services and five-year mountain biker Carrie Levine says, “Run what you brought. In other words, you don’t need the latest track bike or a lot of fancy new gear to ride.

“As you get into the sport, you can use what you have, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and get what you need as you go,” says Levine.

That being said, there are a few pieces of equipment that are essential and some that will greatly improve your driving experience. The most important? A helmet and a bicycle. If you are looking to invest a little more in your ride, we suggest that you start with: knee pads, a chamois (butt padding or “shammy”), a saddle, shoes, pedals, sunglasses and a backpack.


All of our sources have pointed out that a new, well-fitting helmet is the most important piece of equipment you will use.

“You can wear whatever you want, but you shouldn’t be riding a bike without a helmet,” says Duffus-Jambor. “I just saw too many serious injuries. “

If you want to splurge on anything when it comes to your mountain biking gear, your helmet is the part for you. Many riders recommend investing in an ATV specific helmet with MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) as these helmets add a bit more protection to your head.

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Blue Jays legend Josh Donaldson dons hockey gear Fri, 29 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Blue Jays legend Josh Donaldson casually strolled through a sporting goods store in Newmarket, Ont., This week to dress for an outing at a local rink. (Instagram / allprosourceforsports)

The Bringer of Rain opts for snow.

Former Toronto Blue Jays star and current Minnesota Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson was seen in Newmarket, Ont. sports store, All Pro Source for Sports, trying to get the best hockey gear for this winter.

According to the 2015 AL MVP, he purchased the equipment for an outing with his family and friends on a local ice rink.

“You can tell he’s really looking forward to it” says Darren Ertl, the store owner, via the Toronto Star. “He was excited. You could see it in his face.

As news of the former Blue Jays star’s appearance spread on social media, fans have flocked in search of autographs and photos. Donaldson spent three to four hours at the store.

“He was a genuine and kind person, humble”, store employee Joel Morelly noted. “It was cool, he took the time to talk to everyone. … He said he had only been on the ice another time, so there was definitely teaching on elbow pads, shin guards and skates.

“With all the pandemic stuff, it’s nice to have someone in the store and have fun,” Ertl said. “It’s nice to have people joking and laughing, getting autographs and taking pictures. “

As a sign of passion for the city he used to call his home, Morelly finally persuaded Donaldson to slip a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey onto his gear, resulting in the posed photo Donaldson took shared on Twitter.

What started out as a simple athlete having to dress up for a small reunion has turned into a festival of fans, no doubt sharing memories of the incredible years he was Blue Jay.

If the Leafs continue to have the season they are, maybe they’ll get their hands on Donaldson’s agent.

More from Yahoo Sports

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Darby Allin challenges MJF to match at AEW Full Gear Wed, 27 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Photo Credit: All Elite Fighters

Darby Allin is tired of being tormented by MJF, and former AEW champion TNT took matters into their own hands this week on AEW Dynamite.

After The Pinnacle frontman crushed local contestant Bryce Donovan, he mocked Allin and cursed Sting. MJF and The Pinnacle then tricked everyone into mocking Sting’s entrance, but when the lights went out again, fans in attendance had a blast. A thumbnail on the video screen warned that Allin is determined to physically produce MJF. Sting then showed up behind The Pinnacle and attacked them with his signature bat.

When MJF fled the ring, he was within easy reach of a fan who was disguised as an invisible man, with face bandages and a trench coat. The stranger was then revealed to be Allin, who attacked MJF’s stable mates and blasted Wardlow with a bug studded skateboard. The former TNT champion then challenged MJF to a match at AEW Full Gear.

RELATED: AEW Dynamite Results (10/27/21)

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The best winter travel gear of 2022 Tue, 26 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000 Whether by plane, train or automobile, we are all eager to make up for lost travel time in a vaccinated world this winter. This equipment will go as far as you do. Nixon The Hauler 35L Backpack ($ 130) (Photo: Courtesy of Nixon) At 35 liters, the Hauler …]]> “],” renderIntial “: true,” wordCount “: 350}”>

Whether by plane, train or automobile, we are all eager to make up for lost travel time in a vaccinated world this winter. This equipment will go as far as you do.

Nixon The Hauler 35L Backpack ($ 130)

(Photo: Courtesy of Nixon)

At 35 liters, the Hauler is the perfect size to carry on an airplane as a personal item. This fits under your seat but leaves room for extra layers, and has a separate shoe compartment so you can reserve valuable space for your checked baggage. But the highlight is the 270-degree zipper, which lets you get into the bottom of your bag without digging. The four external carry straps (these are meant for a skateboard, but a tester used them for a snowboard and ski jacket), removable belt, and comfortable back panel make this bag functional for hiking or climbing once you reach your destination.

Buy now

Bose QuietComfort headphones ($ 279)

(Photo: Courtesy of Bose)

We’ve praised Bose noise-canceling headphones for travel before, but so far we’ve been unable to find a more portable version. These headphones blew us away with their sound quality and intuitive controls for raising and lowering volume, adjusting noise reduction levels, and skipping songs. Our favorite features: the automatic pause when you remove an earbud and the way they stay in place during exercise and under a ski helmet.

Buy now

Matador Laptop Base Layer Case ($ 60)

(Photo: courtesy of Matador)

Base layers are a key part of any active winter wardrobe, and they should be a staple in your tech kit, too. The Matador ripstop nylon laptop case is lightweight and waterproof (thanks to a waterproof bag interior liner), with just enough padding to protect a laptop from bumps and scratches during a bumpy ride without adding bulk additional. Roll the top down for full protection, or close it with Velcro for quick access in less challenging conditions.

Buy now

Hitch water bottle ($ 69)

(Photo: courtesy of the team)

A take-out cup nestles at the bottom of this container, with its top securely seated on the water bottle lid; Unbox them, fill them, stack them, lock them together, and you can carry two drinks in one hand. Both vacuum insulated containers come with splash-proof lids that keep both drinks at ideal temperatures for several hours.

Buy now

Fjällräven Visby 3 in 1 Jacket ($ 550)

(Photo: courtesy of Fjällräven)

The technique enough for snow and sleet but stylish enough to wear around town, and ideal for changing winter conditions, the Visby 3 in 1 combines a waterproof recycled polyester shell, coated with PU and DWR with a removable insulated midsole jacket. Wear them together when it’s cold, or pull them apart when you need less protection or insulation. We also like the deep pockets and the flattering cut that tapers slightly at the waist, more reminiscent of a pea coat than a parka. (women XXS-XL / men XS-XXL)

Women’s Men’s

Dakine Split Roller 110L Luggage ($ 240)

(Photo: Courtesy of Dakine)

Wheeled dumpers are great for swallowing material, but they have some drawbacks: most lack organization, are difficult to store, and tip over when standing. Not the Split Roller, which has a clamshell opening with a split interior that makes it easy to separate layers. We also love the interior neoprene stretch panel, which can accommodate bulky gear and even the most glaring overpacks. A Foldable bottom brace, which provides stability even when the bag is filled to the brim and folds up for easier storage.

Buy now

Allyson Dovetail Trucker Jacket ($ 139)

(Photo: courtesy Dovetail)

Combine the style of a denim jacket, the functionality of a chore coat, and the comfort of your favorite flannel, and you have the Allyson. Six deep, secure button and zip pockets eliminate the need to carry a purse for small items. On a recent trip, a tester was able to stash a phone, sunglasses, wallet, e-reader, headphones, and boarding documents without looking lumpy. Meanwhile, an ultra soft cotton flannel lining makes this jacket much warmer than it looks, almost like wearing two layers in one. A plant-based stain-repellent and water-repellent coating withstood a day of drizzle and spilled airport coffee. (women XS-3XL)

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Kodiak Kindersley Boots ($ 170)

(Photo: Courtesy of Kodiak)

The waterproof Kindersley features 200 gram PrimaLoft synthetic insulation to keep toes dry after hours in the snow. But don’t be fooled by the technicalities. Unlike your snow boots, the Kindersleys are easy to dress up, with their sleek dark brown leather, pointed metal rivets, striped red laces, and pebbled outsoles. A comfortable suede tongue and elastic footbed made from a herbal foam make for comfortable after-beer tours after a day on the slopes.

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Duer All Weather Performance Denim Jeans ($ 199)

(Photo: courtesy of Duer)

To test Duer’s claim that “anytime, anywhere, any weather” we wore these pants for hiking, biking and sledding in snow, wind and rain. The soft cotton-polyester-elastane blend was stretchy enough to maintain range of motion in all of these activities. Meanwhile, the windproof and waterproof inner membrane kept us surprisingly warm and dry. And, unlike other technical pants, these can be dressed up for dinner. (women 24-34 / men 28-38)

Buy now

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Now there is actually a robot that can haul your gear for you Thu, 14 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Tired of dragging your groceries and gear around town? You can finally relax with the gita and gitamini carry-bots. They’ll carry all that extra stuff so you don’t have to. What a time to live! Read on to learn more about these super cool robots.

Many of us hate carrying groceries from our aisles, no matter what over long distances. Those who live in urban communities with long walks and trips have even more reason to hate carrying things these distances.

Well imagine if you had a device that could carry them for you. No, we are not talking about a cart, bag or basket. We’re talking about a robot. The gita and gitamini robots are the transport companions you might need. Want to know more about them? Let’s go!

The Gita robot is at home in the streets and sidewalks

Two versions with different load capacities

There are two different versions of these useful transport robots. The first is its default size: gita. It’s capable of carrying up to 40 pounds, which the website says should work out to about 10 days of groceries for one person. It has a total storage space of 2,630 cubic inches.

The gitamini (emphasis on mini) can carry up to 20 lbs, which suggests a capacity of about 5 days of groceries for a single person. This version holds 990 cubic inches.

gita robot in action

Convenient runtime and battery life

Both models, gita and gitamini, offer efficient battery life and autonomy to last at least one full trip. While the base model can run continuously for about 4 hours (or 12 miles), its smaller counterpart can run for up to 7 hours (or 21 miles).

Both use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in just 2 hours. It’s actually quite impressive. Chances are, if you’ve used most of the battery on one walk, you’ll have enough time in between to get a full charge for the next.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi support, and more

Gita and gitamini also have a few other tricks up their figurative sleeve. There is support for 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi and Class 1 Bluetooth. It can also charge your phone with standard USB-A port. It can even stream music, just in case you want to be rocked to sleep on your walks to and from the store. We could see this is a fun feature to have at parties.

Now there is actually a robot that can haul your gear for you
gita and gitamini robots have efficient storage capacity

Incredibly useful for the modern age

Personally, I’m a huge fan of robotics and I love to see how many are coming into consumer markets. Businesses are creatively discovering how to use them to solve everyday problems. They are also improving in their construction in general. That said, a lot of things are also fancy and can sometimes damage robotics’ reputation rather than improve it.

With products like gita and gitamini, I am reassured that we are moving in the right direction. Gita robots can haul a reasonable amount, travel at 6 mph, run for several hours, and charge in just 2 hours.

While this might sound like a frivolity, there are some people who can really benefit from this type of technology and I’m excited to see the different ways they are using it. Can gita or gitamini help you in your daily life? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

You can order the gita or the gitamini at official site from $ 1,850.

Mark is a tech-savvy writer and podcaster. When not writing for Gadget Flow, he enjoys working passionately on storytelling projects and exploring the outdoors.

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Konami would seek to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania Fri, 01 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

A new report suggests video game publisher Konami may revert to some of its most iconic franchises, including Castlevania and Metal Gear.

A recent report indicates that longtime video game publisher Konami may be relaunching some of its most beloved IPs after a years-long hiatus in dedicated development.

The report goes through Video games chronicle, speaking to an anonymous post source. A recent restructuring within Konami’s game development division has apparently resulted in a new commitment to some of the publisher’s most iconic brands and franchises. The series mentioned include Castlevania, Solid metal gear and Silent Hill.

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According to the source, Konami is already internally developing what it describes as a “reimagining” of the Castlevania series. Nothing else is known about the project, but it is suspected that several local external studios are providing development support.

A remake of the beloved and critically adored Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is also reported to be very early in production. While that may be enough to get most fans excited, the source also clarifies that Konami is working on remasters of several more. Solid metal gear games for modern platforms. There is currently no word on who is developing these updated versions or when they can be released.

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Still, the title most fans will be looking for is silent Hill, the influential horror series that is said to have been returning for several years now. Video Game Chronicle source states there are “several” silent Hill games in development at a range of external Japanese studios.

Konami is expected to unveil some of these projects in 2022, provided development schedules are not disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Related: Castlevania Arsenal: Why The Belmont Clan Vampire Slayer Whip Is So Powerful

If the report turns out to be correct, Konami fans have much to be excited about. The last entry in the Metal gear the franchise was Metal Gear Survive in 2018, a disappointing spin-off that received criticism from fans and critics alike. Castlevania: Dark Lords 2 is the most recent original entry to the franchise, released in 2014, while several older games have been released as part of the Castlevania anniversary collection and Castlevania Advanced Collection.

As for silent Hill, the series has been on hiatus since the beloved and TP (or playable teaser), a brief horror experience used to announce the cancellation of Hideo Kojima Silent hills Game. Rumors of the franchise’s return have been swirling for months now, following reports that Konami is teaming up with prominent horror developer Bloober Team to resurrect the influential and beloved series. The Bloober team has since confirmed that they are not currently working on anything to do with silent Hill.

Read On: Indie Horror Game Tormented Souls Is The Perfect Comeback From Silent Hill

Source: VGC

Guardians of the Galaxy: Where to Find All Drax Outfits

About the Author

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7 best skateboard shops in Singapore for the coolest decks and gear Wed, 29 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Now that COVID-19 restrictions have tightened its grip on us, it’s only a matter of time before cabin fever returns. If you’re dying to be in the great outdoors and / or a new hobby, let us guide you to skateboarding, the hottest sport (again).

With the inclusion of the Olympics this year and the fact that girls can also let off steam in this male dominated sport, skateboarding has once again seen a massive resurgence, and it’s easy to see why.

In addition to being practical and ultra-portable, skating – whether skateboarding or longboarding – promises a lot of fun and is more affordable than buying a new bike. Additionally, summer all year round and Singapore’s well-paved roads mean you’ll be able to navigate just about anywhere without any hassle.

So the first step is to choose the right skateboard for your needs and your skating style. In light of this, we’ve rounded up the best skateboard shops in Singapore today. These skateboard shops not only offer many options, but are also run by a staff who are skaters themselves, so you will be in good hands, especially if you are a beginner.

Whether you’re choosing your very first board or adding to a growing collection, here are the best skateboard shops in Singapore to check out today.

If you wanted options, you’ll want to head to this popular Bedok outpost. Along with some insanely cool skate decks with limited edition designs, you’ll also find a generous selection of penny decks, longboards, and even streetwear by Nike SB, Trasher, and Santa Cruz. Because all products have been tried and tested, the right people here will be able to walk you through making the best buying decisions possible.


Blk, 418 Bedok North Ave 2, 460418

As Singapore’s premier longboard brand, Odyssey Boards offerings are all designed and assembled on local shores. Here, the team (all the skaters themselves) hand-select every component of the longboard – from every layer of material to every curve of the deck – to ensure the end product is perfect. Surfskates are also available here, each designed to replicate the feel of surfing on land. Can’t skate? Odyssey Boards classes (starting at S $ 39) will get you up and running in no time.

Inlinex Henderson specializes in most roller skating sports, but expect them to have a wide range of skateboarding gear as well. If you didn’t want a complete skateboard right off the bat, the store and their knowledgeable staff will help you create a custom one from scratch, so you’ll have a truly unique skateboard to start with.


37 Kallang Pudding Road # 09-06 Bldg, B, Singapore 349315

Born from the love of its founder Gary Tay for sport, Longboard Love offers more than 300 longboards and skateboards for all types of skater. Those looking for fancy decks will appreciate the fact that there are also limited editions with Back to the Future and Stranger Things graphics. Expect over 25 specialty skateboarding brands here, but if you need help, the friendly staff will know exactly where to point you, whether you’re looking to learn tricks or just cruise in style.


52 Telok Blangah Road, Telok Blangah House # 01-06, 098829

Located on Orchard Road, Go Sports Skate Shop has everything you could possibly need for your new career as a skateboarder, including clothing. Special decks worth checking out here include the Iron Maiden Limited Editions, although you probably want to keep them for decorative purposes. Otherwise, you’ll find plenty of options here in a plethora of designs beyond the usual skateboards, from plastic cruisers and longboards to surfboards and yes, even fingerboards.


* SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, # 02-31 / 32, Singapore 237978

Another popular outpost in Orchard Road is the Halfpipe Skate Bar, and it’s more than just a skate shop. It is also a cafe and bar where you and your sk8er friends can come and spend time there. You’ll find plenty of options around the facility, including longboards and cruisers, for all of your skating needs, but it’s really the camaraderie among the other skaters that will keep you coming back for more. That, and craft beers.


111 Somerset Rd, # 01-15, Triple One Somerset, Singapore 238164

Billed as Southeast Asia’s largest action sports store, The Ride Side offers hundreds of the latest skateboards, longboards and gear for every type of skater. If you’re new to the sport, the store has a demo area for you to try out over 35 different boards, so you know what you’re getting into before you commit. The Ride Side will open the doors of its brand new Kallang Wave outpost later this week.


1 Ubi View, # 03-14 Focus One Building, Singapore 408555

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Rivian R1T review: “the game changer of the truck market” Review 2021 Tue, 28 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

What, someone beat Tesla to build an electric production truck?

That’s right, while Tesla’s Cybertruck is still a fantastic concept, here’s a real, honest production electric truck, built in Normal, Illinois. Discover the Rivian R1T. Almost all of the major automakers in the United States have announced electric versions of their current truck, but so far no fossil-free version has come off an assembly line.

Tell us about it.

In terms of size, the R1T is a bit bigger than a standard European pickup like the Ford Ranger, a bit wider, and 5.5 meters long, which is around 300mm longer. Roughly the same amount smaller than the iconic F150 in a similar specification. A good size then – but a better design, combining familiar truck proportions with bold, almost jarring futuristic styling cues. A bright white full-width LED bar spans the nose instead of a traditional grille, with a matching full-width taillight at the rear. The vertical headlight stacks – Rivian calls them Stadium Lights – looked fake at first, but I’m surprised how quickly my brain normalized them.

Advertising – Page continues below

The two tow hooks built into the front bumper are the biggest indicator of its true off-road capabilities (they’re designed to stay attached even when you pull the R1T through the mud to the door handles) and there’s also has a trailer hitch, neatly hidden behind a panel at the rear. It’s clearly a “real truck” from every angle, which is important in America – based on my research in shopping mall parking lots. But from there, things become deliciously unknown. Look below and you will see …

Let me guess – not much?

Bingo. No locking differentials, no transfer case, no fragile, essential mechanics hanging down while waiting to bend over a tree stump. The ground is completely flat. This is great news off-roading, as obstacles that would normally require a small jig to get around, lest we break a differential into pieces, can now be cleared directly without worry. Even if something scratches the ground, it’s only the ground. You will still go home. Adjustable air springs can raise or lower the frame up to 165mm on the fly. At maximum, this provides 370mm of play.

Instead of the conventional locking differentials, we have four powerful permanent magnet electric motors, two at the front and at the rear. These motors, mounted in the center in pairs, can individually direct torque completely to either side, and there are plenty of them. The front engines alone make about 415 hp, the rear a bit more, for 835 hp combined. Better yet – and far more important – with both engines giving full grain, there is over 900 lb-ft of torque. That’s enough growl to put Pangea back together. Combine the insane power figures with the precise, real-time control of the R1T and you’ve got a surprisingly capable off-roader.

I’m still not convinced this thing is different.

Fine. The R1T can even order the wheels on either side to turn in opposite directions, causing the truck to spin in place like the Tasmanian Devil.

Advertising – Page continues below

Wow ! It’s new. But probably not very useful or easy on the tires …

OK. So let’s come back to more useful things. The R1T has a range of around 300 miles and of course we used it to climb mountains faster. But with the regenerative brakes set to maximum, we’ve added reach on the way down, and the regeneration is so strong you can effectively pedal this thing.

Finally, all the dirt roads must end. Which in the past meant deciding where we were in the eternal off-road compromise: the better off-road a vehicle performs, the worse it will be on the road. Huge, roaring tires. Direction with more play than Bill Shakespeare. Desperate fuel economy because we installed short gears to help with bad acceleration from the huge roaring tires. You got the idea.

The R1T’s handling might just be the most shocking part of the whole truck. First, the air suspension lowers to maximize an already low center of gravity thanks to the flat “skateboard” chassis. Active shocks are monotube shocks with a triple valve external reservoir that work hand in hand with Rivian’s roll control system. This electro-hydraulic system connects the suspension to all four corners.

What is the result ?

Clean, flat corners. From a van. On heavy all-terrain tires. Imagine what it is on the optional 22-inch sport wheels. It grips well in the corners, but more than that, it is fluid and sophisticated.

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Until a certain point. Because here’s how to tell if your car is driving well: try using the touchscreen. You can get in here, but no matter how good the ride, burying every command, from off-road modes to stereo in the center touchscreen, is a problem.

It seems to be the nature of things these days …

Yes, but you forgive it here because the cabin design is more like a premium Volvo than a regular truck. It’s sleek and modern, with durable, high-quality surfaces throughout. The roof is a single piece of glass for a panoramic view of the sky. There is real wood on the dashboard, all from sustainable sources. The Meridian sound system is one of the best I’ve heard in a new vehicle, and if you pull the handle at the bottom of the center console you’ll find that it’s actually the Camp Speaker, a chain wireless hi-fi powered by bluetooth. can take with you. Thoughtful touches like this set the R1T apart.

And here’s another one, the Gear Tunnel. Behind the rear passenger doors are two more small side doors that open to reveal a storage area that spans the width of the truck. You’d have a person inside, and based on the fact that there are glow-in-the-dark release buttons inside, I’m not the first to think so. The open doors also serve as seats. Or stand up, to help load things into bed. This tunnel can also contain the optional Camp Kitchen, a slide-out capsule with convection burners, utensils and even a gray water system.

Combined with a lockable, motorized tonneau cover and another cargo bay under the hood (what, you thought there was an engine up front?) This must have the most hidden storage of any truck ever. built.

OK, I am sold, where do I sign?

The R1T is truly a huge accomplishment. To do something so useful, so thoughtful, so good would be a feat for a company like Ford or Land Rover, but would it be a startup’s first vehicle? Maybe something so new and revolutionary can’t come from a big company. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

And the best part is, I don’t have to tell you it costs as much as your house. The R1T, with all 900 lb-ft of torque and the vast majority of the features mentioned above, will only set you back $ 67,000 (£ 48,800) in the US. Go ahead and compare that to all the other vehicles on sale today for that amount that do 0-60 mph in three seconds flat. I’ll wait.

British relevance remains to be clarified. Apparently, Rivian is in talks with the UK government about building a factory near Bristol, not necessarily to produce the R1T, but other smaller, more European cars using the same technology. This one? Expect to see imports landing from early next year. This, rather than the Cybertruck, is a game-changer in the truck market.

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BikeBiz guide to the latest mountain bikes and accessories – Gear Thu, 16 Sep 2021 06:01:50 +0000

This month we take a look at the latest ATVs and accessories from some of the biggest brands in the business including Claud Butler, Gusset Grips, Ragley, Leatt, Identiti Bikes, SDG, Fox, Wolf Tooth, Bluegrass, Renthal Cycling, Bont, Fizik, Rockstop, Lapierre, Zefal, Miles Wide Industries, Saracen, Pearl iZUMi, Oxford, Transition, Forme, MET, NiteRider and TSG

Claude butler Alpina

Distributer: Tandem group cycles

Available in 29 inches or 27.5 inches, our Alpina lives up to its long-standing heritage by offering exceptional specifications and pricing for today’s dynamic ATV market. The hydroformed frame with internal cable routing sets the scene and finishes off perfectly with a thoughtful specification including a 100mm SR Suntour XCT fork, Shimano 27-speed drivetrain and classic-looking Kenda Honey Badgers.

Gusseted handlesS2 locking

Distributer: Ion distribution

The finishing touch to any bike and one of your main points of contact while riding. Tried and tested by some of the best in the business including British legends Matt Jones and Scott Beaumont. The premium range of Gusset grips is available in Lock-on, Slide-on and Dual Lock-on, as well as in several compounds and up to nine colors.

Ragley Marley

Distributer: Direct lines

Using 6061 alloy tubing, the Marley is light, punchy and versatile while still providing enough flexibility for comfort on long trips. The value-driven 2.0 model features a Deore 10sp groupset, RockShox Recon forks, tubeless ready wheels and 3C EXO + Maxxis tires. The 1.0 model improves performance with an 11-speed Deore groupset, Brand-X Ascend dropper post and Marzocchi Z2 fork.

LéattMTB jacket 5.0

Distributer: Direct lines

A high performance MTB jacket ready to take on whatever the trails and weather can throw at it. A three-layer Hydradri membrane achieves a waterproof rating of 30,000mm, preventing the heaviest downpours from entering. It is also extremely breathable – rated at 23,000g / m2. Other practical features include an adjustable hood that slips over all helmet sizes. Available in three elegant colors.

Identiti bikesA.k.a

Distributer: Ion distribution

The Identiti AKA is a real mountain bike. One pedal up, pedal along, kind of blitz deal. Take it to the debit trails at your local hiking center, go off-piste, or take it to your local bmx trail – it will put a smile on your face.

SDGsBel-Air 3.0 saddle

Distributer: Silverfish United Kingdom

Ultimate comfort and performance, based on two decades of proven Bel-Air profile, enhanced by contemporary aesthetics, geometry and the latest technological advances. V3.0 has already won the highest praise from the MTB media; awarded 10 out of 10 and ‘Editor’s Choice’ by MBR and ‘Most Wanted’ by MBUK. Available with steel, Lux-Alloy or Carbon rails and in a wide range of colors to complement any bike.

Fox 34 Fork family

Distributer: Silverfish United Kingdom

Fox introduces the all-new 34 family of forks. The 34 is the all-rounder and the 34 Step-Cast is tailor-made for the rigors of modern XC racing. Both new models offer incredible sensitivity, excellent adjustment options as well as all new castings for the lower legs incorporating air / oil bypass channels and shaving grams to improve stiffness and weight.

Wolf toothB-Rad

Distributer: Saddleback

With its matching B-Rad mount, the Wolf Tooth medium strap and accessory rack allow riders to carry all of their trail day essentials, from raincoats to water bottle and sunscreen, on their frame biking. Being lightweight and made from durable and rustproof materials, unlike a heavy saddlebag, it won’t spoil the fun of those looking to ride hard.

BluegrassPrizma gloves

Distributer: Raleigh Bike Parts

One of four gloves in the Bluegrass protective clothing line, the Prizma 3D MTB Gloves make hard lines easy. This is thanks to their ergonomic shape and refined internal seam construction, helping to keep your hands firmly on the bars without distractions. Perhaps the most defining feature of these gloves is the 3D TPR prisms that protrude from the glove to protect the knuckles and the back of the hand.

Renthal by bikeAlloy Fatbar Lite 35

Distributer: Ion distribution

Renthal is the market leader in handlebar technology offering carbon and alloy bars. The Fatbar Lite 35 ticks all the boxes with sufficient width, optimized lightweight tapered tube construction, and four height options. The Renthal Fatbar Lite 35 is the lightweight, trail-resistant alloy handlebar.

GoodVaypor G

Distributer: Raleigh Bike Parts

Premium performance gravel shoe from Bont. Rigid, comfortable and perfectly designed running shoes for when you want maximum power transfer. Sharing many similarities with the famous Vaypor S, the Vaypor G incorporate Bont’s cutting-edge technology into a shoe designed for cyclists with a passion for dirt.

FizikX5 Artic

Distributer: Extra UK

The Fizik Artica X5 is the perfect winter MTB cycling shoe for warmth, comfort, protection and performance even in the coldest and wettest off-road conditions. Constructed with a fully waterproof yet highly breathable membrane with a fleece lined upper and an internal lace-up system that is easy to use with gloves.


Distributer: Extra UK

Frameguard-E is a sturdy, metal reinforced polymer casting that easily attaches to your e-bike to prevent damage to the motor / battery housing and down tube. The impact of rock hits around the crank area of ​​the frame is absorbed and dispersed, instead of being able to crack, dent or break your bike. Velcro fasteners make it easy to remove the Frameguard for maintenance.

StoneEdge 2.7

Distributer: Raleigh United Kingdom

Cycling for everyone! This has been Lapierre’s philosophy for 70 years. And the Edge 3.7 is for anyone who wants their first experience on the trails. The Lapierre know-how developed on high-end bikes is now available for all models in the range. Discover the pleasure of hiking the trails, tackling your first descent, riding alone, with family or friends, all with a small budget.

Zefal Z Hydro Race XC

Distributer: Chicken Cycle Kit

The Z Hydro XC is a hydration backpack with a 2 liter water pocket designed for walks of 2 to 3 hours. The water bag is guaranteed BPA free and is easily cleaned thanks to the large opening on the top. Benefiting from a large main pocket; an expandable outer pocket for a jacket and two additional storage pockets, one of which is flexible for glasses or a smartphone.

Thousand broad industriesCork Fork

Distributer: gone crazy about cycling

Not everyone wants their bike to look like a pack mule, to them stealth is the name of the game and there is no more stealth than using a Fork Cork to store your keys / cash / CO2 inflator / and anything else you can jam inside a steerer tube. Adapts and removes in seconds while also being super secure and plugging this mud trap.

BuckwheatMantra Elite LSL

Distributer: Madison

The Mantra Elite LSL is a hardcore trail-ripping hardtail that can rip through loam, slice through hill, or even tackle a bike park. A 6061 aluminum frame is paired with our proven LSL geometry to deliver the ultimate ride. The Elite model is fitted with a Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork with 140mm of travel for smoothing the chunder, making it easier to work on the roughest trails.

IZUMi pearlRaising the knee pads

Distributer: Madison

Elevate pads are mid-weight with excellent breathability that provide the protection you want for enduro and touring. They use D3O’s LP1 flexible viscoelastic pads for superior protection, wrapped in four-way stretch Cordura® for incredible durability. Direct ventilation in the front of the pads helps you stay cool, so you can keep your pads in place while pedaling, and our extended thigh design minimizes slippage.

Oxford Cliqr Stem Cap Holder

Distributer: Oxford

The CLIQR Stem Cap Bracket provides the most discreet and central mounting position for cycling adventures. Replacing the existing bike’s stem cap with the lightweight and durable CLIQR mount. CLIQR uses a double locking, fail-safe mechanism to mount almost any device in the most convenient position for you. The CLIQR range is made from glass filled nylon due to its superior mechanical properties, light weight and durability.


Distributer: Wind wave

The purebred party animal. The Mixed Wheel Patrol has a new hairstyle but is always up for anything and really unabashedly when it comes to shredding tracks. Being one of the oldest bikes in the Transition line, this was the obvious choice to mix it up. Updated geometry to fit the 29in / 27.5in front wheels at the rear and revised suspension tuning could get you going all day, then all night.

For meBlack rocks HT1

Distributer: Moore tall

The Black Rocks HT was developed with our love of hardtail mountain bikes and a desire to hone off-road skills and line choices. This all new series is your gateway to better terrain and tougher conditions. It is designed with a modern, long and low geometry often found on aggressive trail / enduro bikes, with all the key points taken into account.

MEET MCR parachute

Distributer: Raleigh

The Parachute MCR is MET’s convertible full face helmet developed for enduro, off-road and electric mountain biking. It is designed to be truly two helmets in one. Its magnetic chin bar release, created in partnership with Fidlock®, instantly transforms from a full face helmet into an open face helmet and back. Equipped with the MIPS brain protection system and compliant with ASTM 1952-15 / 2032-15 (shell and chin bar), it offers the highest level of protection against linear and rotary impacts.

NiteRiderLumina 1800 Double

Distributer: ZyroFisher

NiteRider Lumina Dual 1800 represents the next evolution of our best-selling Lumina headlight in a dual-LED configuration that produces a wide-range beam with extended peripheral illumination; making it the perfect choice for any driving situation or any terrain. The Dual emits an incredible 1,800 lumens in Boost mode, making it one of the brightest self-contained bike lights available today. The Dual is also equipped with side lighting to increase your visibility day and night.

GSTSentinel Full Face Helmet

Distributer: Ion distribution

Designed for riders, by riders. Designed in Switzerland and born out of necessity, TSG offers award-winning protection for BMX, Skateboard and MTB customers with a full line of helmets, pads, mounts and apparel. The Sentinel ABS Helmet is designed for aggressive top level mountain biking and BMX racing. Each TSG product is 100% tested by the team and certified in the laboratory.

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Gladiator Cargo Net Vehicle Restraint Keeps Equipment Secure Tue, 14 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Secure your cargo and avoid fines with this durable cargo net. Its rugged materials withstand years of use and cover loads of all sizes.

Keep your transportation secure while driving with the Gladiator Cargo Net Vehicle Restraint System. This durable cargo net is sturdy and versatile with its industrial-grade ripstop mesh. In fact, you can use it to hold short, tall, and odd-shaped loads.

Planning to haul a load of firewood across the state? Or haul the tools of your trade on an open bed truck? You’ll need to secure your gear, and the Gladiator Cargo Net is a great way to do that. With its commercial grade ripstop netting and range of attachment points, this durable cargo netting comes in handy for your cargo needs. Let’s take a look.

Gladiator Cargo Net in a video

Discover the integrated ripstop mesh

If you want to avoid heavy fines for goods coming loose on the road, you need to secure them. And a great way to do that is to go with a durable cargo net, like the Gladiator Cargo Net. It has a built-in ripstop mesh and is smooth on one side to prevent snagging and keep small items from moving.

In addition, this material is industrial grade. According to the company, this means that even if it tears, the tear will not get bigger. This is because each mesh thread is made up of thousands of smaller threads. Meanwhile, each wire has a coating that increases its strength.

Gladiator Cargo Net on a truck

Feel confident with the strong weatherproof strap

Plus, you won’t have to worry about your gear getting wet from a rainstorm if you cover it with this durable transport net. It is because the Gladiator’s Cargo Net Features a 1.5 ” weather resistant strap to keep your gear dry.

In addition, this strap is reinforced with three layers. This keeps the strap durable and strong. So, with the ripstop mesh and reinforced strap, it is a product that can withstand even commercial use.

Secure your load, better

Plus, this durable cargo net has multiple eyelet attachment points around its perimeter. These allow you to make larger loads more compact. They also offer tighter angles for oddly shaped loads for, say, that treadmill you are carrying to your friend’s house. The eyelets also allow you to secure what you are carrying in multiple places, thus increasing safety.

Attach it with 4 straps

As for fixing the Gladiator Cargo Net, it comes with four hardware straps. You’ll also be happy to know that the hardware hooks have a rubber coating, preventing them from scratching your vehicle. The straps are 1.5 inches thick and extend from 9 inches to 12 feet. They therefore allow you to cover a wide range of loads.

Expand or reduce your coverage

Also, since the straps are so flexible and there are a large number of attachment points, you have the flexibility to adjust the cover. So whether you want to secure small items like your fishing gear or need to carry tools and ladders around a job site, this net can fit your needs.

Keep your cargo safe

Tired of arriving at a drop-off point with broken products or at a hunting site with damaged equipment? Well, you can minimize this problem with the Gladiator Cargo Net. Since these nets distribute a load over a large area, you reduce the risk of cargo breaking.

Store it safely in the included storage bag

Once you are done using this durable cargo net, you won’t have to store it in the cab of your truck or let it roll onto the truck bed. In fact, this net comes with its own sturdy storage bag. Thus, once your course is finished, all you have to do is roll up the net and put it in the bag. The process is quick and one person can fold it on their own.

Get long use of this truck accessory

Do your cargo nets tend to tear and wear out after just a few seasons of use? That won’t happen with this durable cargo net. Thanks to its industrial quality and the fact that it does not tangle, you can expect years of heavy use and peace of mind from this cargo restraint system.

The Gladiator Cargo Net is a great way to keep your cargo safe. Its strong material is industrial grade and weather resistant. In addition, it is versatile and easy to use. Best of all, this net is used by DOT and is NACSS approved, so you can be sure of its quality. If you want to use your truck stress-free, this gadget is for you.

The Gladiator Cargo Net Vehicle Restraint System starts at $ 155, and you can get it on the official site. What are your favorite gadgets for your truck? Let us know about them in the comments.

Lauren has been writing and editing since 2008. She enjoys working with text and helping writers find their voice. When not typing on her computer, she cooks and travels with her husband and two daughters.

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