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After years of learning from local artisans, sign maker Ryan Solomons opened his own business, Geometric Signs and Design at 375 Springtown Road in New Paltz. (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

A A native of Highland and New Paltz, Ryan Solomons had to take a long journey, both internally and externally, before returning home with a clear idea of ​​what he wanted to accomplish as a professional sign maker. But now he’s picking up his roots where he started, and the company he founded in 2019, Geometric Signs and Design, is making a serious name for itself.

The striking aluminum lettering that reads City Winery on the imposing brick chimney of a converted tannery in Montgomery, and the seven-by-17-foot mural of the word Wine on a former water tower on the same site, are the most visible examples of Solomon’s Recent Work. “It was really epic work,” he says, recounting how he had to rappelling down in a climbing harness to complete the chimney work because the scaffolding didn’t bring him close enough to the surface in brick concave structure.

But it was this tough job that paid for one of the key pieces of equipment in his woodworking shop: a massive CNC (computer numerically controlled) router table that allows him to carve elaborate designs in wood and metal via software. CAD / CAM. “He’s a workaholic, and my greatest teacher,” says Solomons. “When I first got it, I didn’t know how to use it. It was a year-long process to put it in place.

Learning by doing has been the style of this 30-year-old since he was a kid at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School and Poughkeepsie Day School. At first he honed his wilderness survival skills through the Wild Earth programs, and then put them to practice when he traveled across the country on his skateboard as a “loaded longboarder. “. Whether it’s mushroom identification or iron casting, whenever Solomons decides he wants to know how to do something, he just goes to where it’s being done – in Mexico, to build. structures with adobes of local clay, for example. To make his own skateboard, he studied with a carpenter in Rosendale who taught him how to harvest different kinds of wood, as well as to use machines safely and to do carpentry.

Solomons’ learning curve also included a few years of formal study, at the Art Institute in Boston. He stayed in this city for a while, learning technical skills at Sign Center Boston, then moved on to other apprenticeships, Signarama, Flag Graphics and a handbag designer among them.

Since returning to his mother’s home on Springtown Road, he has continued his study of locally sourced wood with architect Rick Alfandre; a superb table made of ash from Alfandre’s own land was ready to be picked up from Solomon’s printing press the same day Hudson Valley One pay a visit. In the next room is a Roland printer / plotter that can print banners up to 56 inches wide and 200 feet long, as well as a laminator.

Solomons prefers working with natural materials and says he will steer his clients away from moss and look to wood if they want a 3-D sign. Its carved signs are exquisite, the lettering sometimes featuring gold leaf inlays. Local examples of his painted signage work can be seen at Sweet Bakery and two pizzerias in New Paltz, Rino’s and La Bella, as well as Bird Watcher’s Country Store in Tillson. Among his jobs at Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland, he recently darkened the windows of a building being converted into a laser-tag arena. He studied masonry sufficiently to create monument-style signs, and also designs logos, vehicle lettering, T-shirts and promotional items.

What is the trend in the signage world these days? Neon, according to Solomons, who knows how to do it, having learned glassblowing techniques in his usual way. “Melting glass and then sliding argon gas in – it’s a cool process, a super fun environment. It’s all over the city’s various clubs. It’s so versatile; you can use it both indoors and outdoors, and it creates cool lighting effects.

But banners are an essential part of Geometric Signs and Design’s day-to-day operations, and it’s where he is able to offer significantly discounted prices to local nonprofits whose missions resonate with his personal philosophy. During his travels across the country, he spent time in Standing Rock and observed the poverty and addiction issues plaguing the Indigenous community. Impressed with the job creation work done by a South Dakota organization called the United Veterans Construction Team, he brought his signage skills to their efforts.

“I wanted to help Aboriginal people start businesses,” he recalls. “I asked myself, ‘How can I support things like this where I am? So I help the local activists with banners, charging as little as ten dollars for a banner, because my heart is there. It is about change for a community. People want to promote their business and be happy about it. I prefer to give them a little slack and see the change. A recent project close to his heart was to paint a beautiful sign for the Munsee Three Sisters farm in Newton, New Jersey.

Despite all of his expertise in helping others stand out clearly, Solomons was not aggressive in promoting his own relatively new business. “I don’t know how I find clients, but I do. There’s a lot of word of mouth, ”he laughs. “Most of my transactions are done in face-to-face meetings with people. “

What would Solomons most like to create, once the business really takes off and has its choice of jobs? “The one that challenges me the most, that puts me out of my comfort zone,” he replies without hesitation. “It’s the best place to learn and grow. It keeps me alive.

Geometric Signs and Design is located at 375 Springtown Road in New Paltz. Ryan Solomons will be hosting an open house for the whole family on Saturday, November 20 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with free pony rides and stickers for the kids. To learn more about the company’s services, visit Where, or dial (845) 514-8702.

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Anthony Timberlands Center for Design & Product Groundbreaking Ceremony – KNWA FOX24 Sat, 06 Nov 2021 03:02:16 +0000

KNWA news at 5:00 p.m. Main weather 11-14-2021

Time /

KNWA news at 6:00 p.m. Main weather 11 / 13-2021

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KNWA news at 6:00 p.m. Main weather 11-12-2021

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Morning forecast for Friday, November 12

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Morning forecast for Thursday, November 11

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KNWA News at 6:00 p.m. Main Weather 11-10-2021

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Morning forecast for Wednesday, November 10

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KNWA news at 6:00 p.m. Main weather 09-11-2021

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Morning forecast for Tuesday, November 9

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Morning forecast for Monday, November 8

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KNWA news at 10 p.m. Main weather 07-11-2021

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Huntsville Unveils Design for ‘World Class’ Skatepark Thu, 04 Nov 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Huntsville skatepark now has a design, a concrete playground that should be completed in about a year with skateboarding lingo such as snake tracks, clover bowls, ledges and rails.

It came to life on Wednesday in a video presentation by designer Tim Payne, whose Team Pain skate parks are nationally renowned and Rocket City is looking for its skatepark to be the latest success story.

The park will be located near the south end of John Hunt Park and if a four wheel board is your idea of ​​fun, then take your brain for a gnarly time.

“Our skateboarding community is much bigger than most people realize,” said John Hamilton, City of Huntsville Administrator.

Hamilton described this community as largely existing in the shadows in Huntsville which will change along with the skatepark.

“We want to bring you out of the shadows in a world class facility and meet your goals every day,” he said.

Wednesday’s event was the unveiling of what the park will look like and special features that, Payne said, will welcome skaters of all skill levels. A group of about 75 people watched the presentation in rapt silence as Payne walked through the intricacies of the park that only a skateboarder could perhaps fully appreciate.

He pointed out that the design essentially invites skateboarders to surf as soon as they enter the park, with each element connected by a concrete surface described as a street plaza.

Payne said the park will have a C-shaped track that flows into a clover bowl as well as a longer snake track on the other side with depths ranging from 3 to 10 feet. There will also be a ¾ hose as well as a combi flow bowl.

The park’s design took into account public feedback at two meetings in Huntsville and Payne, said the popular plan included the large, linear-style plaza-style street in the middle of the park. There are also beginner’s features throughout the park.

That’s not to say the skatepark won’t appeal to seasoned skateboarders. Skill level will be an attraction for top competitions, Hamilton said.

“This will allow us to attract world-class events and competitors,” he said. “Skateboarding is now an Olympic event. Quite frankly, we believe this facility represents the future of the sport at this kind of world-class competition. We love that we cater to the daily desires of our citizens with facilities that we can truly call world class.

The skatepark itself will cost around $ 2 million and the money is collected through donations. When the city announced plans for the park, an undisclosed donor donated $ 1 million for the project. The Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville is a partner in the project and its CEO, Melissa Thompson, announced Wednesday that it has received a challenge grant of $ 500,000 which, if matched, would essentially cover the cost.

The City of Huntsville is investing around $ 4 million in the John Hunt Park skatepark area – much of it in skatepark infrastructure as well as rebuilding Kids Space, a popular shaded playground for children.

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Eames Demetrios chooses five highlights from the 80 Years of Design exhibition Thu, 04 Nov 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Eames Demetrios, who is the grandson of Charles and Ray Eames, shares his highlights from an exhibition of Eames Office’s work which opens tomorrow to mark his 80th birthday.

Demetrios organized the exhibition of works created by the studio, created by industrial designers Charles and Ray Eames in 1941, of which he is currently director.

The Eames were two of the most influential designers of the 20th century, known for their remarkable American architecture and furniture, including the mid-20th century Case Study House No.8 and their 1956 Eames lounge chair and ottoman.

Dubbed 80 Years of Design, the exhibition at Tokyo’s Istetan the Space gallery contains a selection of rarely seen vintage works and special editions created for the exhibition.

80 Years of Design will be divided into three parts – Art and Technology, Architecture and Interiors, and Play and Learn – which trace the cultural contributions of the Eames to these various aspects of society.

In anticipation of the exhibition opening tomorrow, Demetrios has selected five of his highlights for Dezeen:

1951 Eames Modular House
Photo courtesy of Marc Eggimann

Modular house Eames, 1951

“The 1951 Eames Modular House was designed by Charles and Ray as a structure that could be simply prefabricated and assembled relatively quickly. left unrealized.

“70 years later, we have spent over a year sifting through the original materials to capture the design in a new architectural model in 1:12 scale. The 1951 Eames Modular House model has it all. delicacies of a well-made miniature.

“We used skilled craftsmen to create the structure and furnished it with unique pieces made on a large scale. It’s been a wonderful way for us to look back in time to better understand Charles and Ray’s goals so that we hopefully can bring it to life someday. “

Plywood sculpture
Photo is courtesy of the Eames office

Molded plywood sculpture, 2021

“In the family, we have always loved this amazing piece. So after extensive research and working with the best craftsmen, we made a limited edition of the 1943 molded plywood sculpture by Charles and Ray – limited to 12. The development of sculpture marked not only a turning point in Charles and Ray’s career, but throughout 20th century design.

“It means a point in time when the two started innovating together. As newlyweds, new to LA and new to working together, this sculpture and the ability to create it together was sort of Charles’ highlight. and Ray who found how to really work and create, based on a shared vision. “

Plywood elephant
Photo is courtesy of Vitra

Elephant Eames, 1945

“Another fantastic element of the exhibition is that our two longtime partners have created special editions of some of the pieces that we have produced through them for many years.

“For Herman Miller, the flagship products are the Eames Lounge Chair and the 1956 ottoman in natural leather and the 1960 Time-Life stool, originally designed for the Time-Life building in New York and usually made of solid walnut. , available in exclusive red stained ash.

“For Vitra, the highlights see the 1941 Eames Plywood Mobile, one of the biomorphic shapes created in their first experiments in plywood, available in natural birch veneer, alongside the iconic and playful Eames Elephant 1945.”

Eames timeline
Photo is courtesy of the Eames office

80 years of design timeline

“Another favorite aspect of the exhibit is an eight-by-24-foot timeline of 80 years of the Eames Office.

“It was a real labor of love and an opportunity to reflect on the work Charles and Ray did but also the work we did to ensure that their creations are made authentically and their ideas widely shared. C ‘was the first time we brought everything together in one place and it was very emotional for the family. “

Eucalyptus Skateboard
Photo courtesy of Globe

Eames Eucalyptus Skateboard Deck, 2021

“The Eames Eucalyptus Skateboard Decks have all kinds of surprising resonances. First, they’re made from gorgeous wood that Charles and Ray literally touched for over 30 or 40 years because they were born from a eucalyptus tree ( ‘Molly’ / # 236) at the Eames House in Pacific Palisades.

“” Molly “lived right next to the studio and had to be removed (with the help of the local sustainable lumber company Angel City Lumber) as the roots lifted up the driveway leading to the house – posing a threat. for the structure.

“An interesting fact and connection is that the eucalyptus plantation was started by Abbott Kinney who founded Venice, California in the 1800s – a place known for skateboarding culture. For the 80 Years of Design exhibit , we’ve even included a clip from a movie Charles and Ray made on the skate in Dogtown. “

80 Years of Design is presented at Isetan the Space in Tokyo from November 5 to January 5, 2022. Check out the Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events happening around the world.

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Custom design with Marshalls natural stone helps transform historic London site Mon, 25 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Steeped in history dating back to the 13th century, Christchurch Gardens is in a prime location in central London, close to Parliament Square. Originally a cemetery for St. Margaret’s Church, it holds links with many iconic figures of the past, including Ignatius Sancho and the suffragists. Later a victim of the Blitz, the space became a public garden in the 1950s, but despite its legacy, it has lost its raison d’être in recent years.

A transformation program by Westminster Council and Victoria BID in collaboration with landscape architects ReardonSmith Landscape LLP, engineering consultants WSP and contractors FM Conway sought to breathe new life into Christchurch Gardens as a much-needed green oasis in the heart of the city.

Sensitively designed features and details mark the heritage of the site and underpin the vision of the project. Marshalls worked closely with ReardonSmith Landscape LLP and WSP, to turn this vision into reality.

Custom paver design

Three contrasting Marshalls granites – Silver Tarvos, Gray Prospero and Red Malasana – perfectly represent a uniform series of coffin shapes that provide a striking pattern along the expressways – a tribute to the ancient cemetery.

Marshall’s in-house design team advised on potential weak spots in the corners of geometric shapes and worked with the designer to achieve optimum aesthetics while providing a robust engineering design.

This was flanked by a lovely expanse of Scoutmoor Yorkstone, with other coffin-shaped stone inlays placed at key path junctions, subtly camouflaged in the same material that is still recognizable as the pavement of choice throughout Westminster.

The precise placement of complex parts was not left to chance; The marshals dry laid the sections at the quarry for a full inspection before shipping. This provided valuable assurance that the design would be a perfect fit.

Design for sustainability

True to its promise of becoming a haven of relaxation and enjoyment for local townspeople, the revitalized gardens now offer ample seating set in long strips of Marshalls’ attractive Rosalind granite. Supplied in repeatable units for easy installation, the serpentine wall sections fit together like a real jigsaw.

Rarely intended as aesthetic features in their own right, the deterrent notches for skateboards were meticulously carved into stone as miniature ecclesiastical stone arches that ensured the continuity of the subtle nods to history, even in the smallest unique details.

The final design of the high lengths was achieved through close collaboration between Marshalls and WSP. The 3D modeling software enabled a series of edge and corner finishing refinements and optimizations with significant benefits for durability and aesthetics that were not in the original plan.

Dave Stanger, Commercial Director of Natural Stone, said: “It is a privilege to have the opportunity to contribute in such a fundamental way not only to the celebration of the fascinating history of a project, but also to the providing essential usable space for communities to enjoy in the future.The unique design features and craftsmanship we have been able to offer are yet another demonstration of the endless possibilities available in natural stone, which will remain for us. many generations to come.

A timely transformation

The transformation of a historic space with such a fascinating past into a dynamic new green space could not have been better planned. Delivered during another period of historical significance in its lifetime, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, it now offers a much-needed sanctuary when outdoor space has never been so valued.

Main contractor FM Conway
Countryside architect ReardonSmith Landscape srl
Engineers WSP
Clients Westminster and Victoria City Council Westminster BID
Marshalls Products Rosalind Granite, Prospero Granite, Tarvos Granite, Malasana Granite, Scoutmoor Yorkstone

To find out more about the unique things we can achieve with natural stone, visit, where we walk you through our process for bringing your unique concepts to life, and you can see other bespoke projects like this one we helped complete.

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The Michelin Challenge Design returns for its 22nd edition under the name of “Movin’On Challenge Design” Sat, 16 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

The renamed design challenge focuses on Let’s move to the next frontier of transport design – Sustainable mobility.

Since its very first design competition in 2001, Michelin Challenge Design has sought to welcome a new generation of designers, thinkers and transport enthusiasts in the automotive industry. Over the past two decades, the challenge has given designers a broad brief, asking them to create concept electric vehicles, concept Le Mans race cars, and even its most recent brief – “Respect”, a call to put end the mobility divide between people from different communities, backgrounds and abilities.

Michelin Challenge Design became Movin’On Challenge Design in 2020, reflecting its integration as a flagship program of the Movin’On Summit, the world’s largest gathering of sustainable mobility. Created and inspired by Michelin, the Summit brings together large companies, startups, public and academic authorities, NGOs and international organizations, as well as a community of experts and professionals to move from ambition to action . “We are delighted that Challenge Design has become an official pillar of the Movin’On ecosystem which engages the global design community through the development of sustainable mobility solutions,” said Mike Marchand, Director of Sustainability and Mobility of Michelin North America.

In its brand new avatar, the Movin’On Challenge Design retains some aspects of its predecessor, but offers a unified vision towards a better future, thanks to a more inclusive and sustainable approach to mobility. The challenge is no longer even focused on transportation. It is open to artists, designers, engineers, architects, urban planners, creatives or anyone with a strong vision to build a more equitable and sustainable future taking into account the need and the relationship of humanity in terms of mobility.

The theme of the 2020-2021 edition of the challenge was RESPECT: end isolation and overcome the mobility divide, and saw 170 entries that sought to create inclusive mobility for those who are often overlooked when designing mobility solutions. “Age and disability can limit access to safe and affordable mobility for one in four people in the world today, reducing the joy and ability to fully participate, benefit and contribute to society, to both socially and economically, ”said Nick Mailhiot. , President of the Movin’On Challenge Design 2021 competition. The first three winners brought a unique set of perspectives to the challenge, from individual mobility to mobility as a society. Scroll down below for a detailed look at each of the 2021 Challenge winning designs that were announced in June of this year.

Click here to visit the Movin’On Challenge Design website to learn more about the upcoming 2022 challenge.

Click here to see all of the 2021 Challenge winners.

Winners of the 2021 Movin’On Design Challenge

1st place: Crosswing by Drew Spahn (Industrial Designer, Kean University)

The intelligent design of the Crosswing turns a prosthetic leg into a skateboard that the prosthesis wearer can use to skateboard, whether for recreation or transportation. The prosthetic leg features a fold-out skateboard that when closed provides the same walking experience as a prosthetic leg, but when opened provides a riding experience comparable to a skateboard or a pair of skates! The versatile artificial limb “turns a disadvantage into an advantage,” says Spahn, a fourth-year industrial design student at Kean University.

2nd place: Tramo by Stefan Perriard (Industrial and mobility designer, Royal Danish Academy)

Tramo imagines transport in a world without cars. Designed for the futuristic, car-free city, Tramo offers a mode of transportation that is fair, safe, people-centered and truly for everyone. The design takes the form of a gondola-shaped platform that crosses the city’s roads. Its unique design makes room for people who want to stand or sit, as well as wheelchairs and strollers. Designer Stefan Perriard describes Tramo as “a flexible solution that doesn’t need stations, like a moving walkway” that you can hop on or off.

3rd place: Nomada! by Elkin Alejandro Cruz Castro (architect, Universidad Nacional de Colombia)

The nomad! completely revisits the design of the city. Instead of conventional buildings, Nomada! introduces nomadic spaces that can move around the city, benefiting everyone and making public services accessible to all citizens. The nomad! is a huge vehicle specially designed to be described as architecture on wheels. Designed with two semi-spherical carriages that turn and swivel, and a corridor in between, the Nomada! acts as a building in motion, providing space indoors for various public services such as libraries, coworking spaces, healthcare centers, business units, etc. The idea is to have the Nomada! transport yourself to an area where it is needed and stay parked there for a fixed amount of time (almost like a fair or circus that comes to visit and leaves when finished). By doing this, Nomada! aims to create fragments of the “megalopolis” and to make certain aspects of these fragments nomadic, so that each district has access to them when needed.

Click here to visit the Movin’On Challenge Design website to learn more about the upcoming 2022 challenge.

Click here to see all of the 2021 Challenge winners.

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Architect Dorte Mandrup shares his design philosophy Wed, 13 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Dorte Mandrup Ice Fjord Center in Ilulissat, Greenland (Photo: Mir)

Architect Dorte Mandrup designs amazing structures that blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Her “irreplaceable places” that she describes are just that: completely unique buildings that have found their place in some of nature’s most beautiful places. From its naturalistic whale observatory, located 185 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Norway (aptly titled The whale), to its comparably elegant Icefjord center in Ilulissat on the west coast of Greenland to its Babyn Yar Holocaust memorial center in Ukraine, calm and contemplative, Dorte’s illustrious architecture has a special way of highlighting the surroundings while introducing its own contextual meaning.

This week on the My Modern Met Top Artist podcast, we interview Mandrup about these irreplaceable places, exploring everything from developing initial concepts to finalizing designs. Mandrup also discusses her responsibilities as a leader in the field of design, where she actively pursues more gender equality in the male-dominated architectural industry. In addition, she answers questions from your listeners, sharing some areas where she has noticed room for improvement with the younger generation of architects.

This is a great episode for any art and design lover looking for more details on how to get started as an architect. We dive into the creative process of one of the most remarkable people working in their field today. Mandrup’s story demonstrates how one can succeed against overwhelming prejudices and ultimately help create one of the most innovative and empowering architectures on the planet.

To stay up to date on the latest Top Artist episodes, be sure to subscribe using your favorite podcast app. And, if you want even more content from our show, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram.

My Modern Met Store is offering a special discount to Top Artist listeners. Receive a 10% discount on our entire selection of creative products when you enter the code TOPARTIST10 at the register.

Listen to our conversation with architect Dorte Mandrup on the creation of his stimulating structures.

Watch the interview to see some of the “irreplaceable places” we discuss during our conversation.

Dorte Mandrup The Whale

“The Whale” by Dorte Mandrup in Norway (Photo: Mir)

Dorte Mandrup Trilateral Wadden Sea World Heritage Center

Wadden Sea Trilateral World Heritage Center in Dorte Mandrup (Photo: Mir)

Dorte Mandrup: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met has granted permission to use the photos of Dorte Mandrup.

Related Articles:

The whale-shaped marine observatory will offer visitors a fascinating look under the sea

A rocky “whale” emerges in the Arctic Circle, mixing architecture and environment

Architects reveal new images of “The Whale” museum in the Arctic Circle

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New cathedral-style design decided for new € 1 billion San Siro Thu, 30 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

The final design of the refurbished San Siro has been decided, with AC and Inter Milan both playing in the new improved stadium once it is built.

According to Il Corriere della Sera, Populous is one step away from scoring the winning design – which takes inspiration from the famous Duomo cathedral and will use part of the old grounds.

One of the other main candidates was the “Rings of Manica” project by Cmr and Sportium, but a meeting with the Populous designers is already scheduled after the next Milan elections and they would be “one step away”.

Although the speed of the process depends on council approval, it is hoped that the work can be completed by 2026.

Built in 1925, the famous Stadio Giuseppe Meazza has hosted some of the greatest matches of all time. From four European Cup finals to six 1990 World Cup matches, this place is steeped in history.

However, despite the aura it gives off, Inter and AC, who have been on the pitch since 1947, are evolving with the times and pushing a modern arena forward.

Image: populated

The new stadium will be built on the same site as the San Siro and, in addition to being environmentally friendly, it is in the process of having a dedicated hub for retail, sports, cultural and leisure activities in both outdoor and indoor, including a running track, bike path, outdoor gymnasium, skateboard park, five-a-side pitch and a sports museum.

Image: populated
Image: populated

A statement from the two clubs said: “FC Internazionale Milano and AC Milan believe that it is essential, especially in light of the current moment, to launch a project which represents more than a billion euros in investment. private sector, which will generate thousands of new jobs and serve as a cornerstone for the future development of the city of Milan and of Italian football. “

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32MP front camera, design and more details revealed by manufacturer Sun, 26 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Update (09/26 // 2021) – GS

little for the New Xiaomi event, which will officially unveil the news of the Civi line, which has already won Some photos and first info, but last Saturday the manufacturer took to Weibo and shared more details on the hardware.

Further confirm Snapdragon 778G Chipset it is at 4500 mAh battery (Described as the longest lasting battery in a Xiaomi smartphone this year), the company also revealed new official mobile banners stating Three major software updates And three years of support for the line.

Finally, the company also talked a bit about the “beautification” camera filter, which uses artificial intelligence to correct facial images at the pixel level, preserving skin texture and not leaving the image artificial.

It is clear that the whole system already has more than one moving part. The main model was formed by the professional retouching work of photographers on the images of tens of thousands of women from different angles. The goal is for the neural network to try to simulate the actual refinement process, rather than a more traditional approach of “gluing” faults in isolation. During training, the first neural network was also controlled by a second network, specially trained to distinguish original images from computer-generated images, during training.

It looks like the feature will obviously target more female facial features, but we’ll have to experiment to see how it treats Caucasian features or darker skin. Still, it looks interesting.

Are you looking to free my sword?

Xiaomi Civi has 32MP front camera and design confirmed in teasers

distance Real photos published by Chinese analystsOh Xiaomi Sivvi She again appeared in the world press. Indeed, the manufacturer itself has ended up publishing a series of teasers where the final design of the smartphone can be confirmed.

In addition, the article also states that Civi should be Advertised with 32MP front camera which has autofocus. According to the company, this should translate into more robust and quality images.

The thickness of the smartphone is only 6.98 mm, while it weighs only 166 grams. In other words, we have a thin and light smartphone which should have the design like Big Light. profitable:

Keep in mind that the Xiaomi Civi is expected to come out of the box with a 6.55-inch AMOLED display, 120Hz refresh rate, and Snapdragon 778G processor. In addition to, instead of 108 megapixels, the main rear camera will be 64MP.

To ensure good battery life, the group also includes a 4,500mAh battery with 55W fast charging support, as well as Android 11 running MIUI 12.5. The launch is expected to take place next Monday.

Xiaomi 11T Pro has 120W of charge and consumption

economy and market
23 groups

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE hits global market with Snapdragon 778G and earlier

economy and market
23 groups

The first Xiaomi Sivvi smartphone It is due to be Present to the world next Monday (27), but some images of the device ended up being published in the real world by Chinese leakers.

As can be seen below, the Xiaomi Civi display should have a central hole to accommodate the 32MP front camera, while the absence of a digital player on the side can Indicates an AMOLED screen 6.55 inches.


The rear houses the camera module with a larger main sensor, and rumors suggest it takes photos at 64MP resolution. No details have been revealed in the other lenses, but one will be wide-angle and the other macro.

Since this is an average smartphone, the processor chosen by the manufacturer is the Snapdragon 778G. The chipset is expected to be accompanied by 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, while the screen offers a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Finally, there is a battery 4,500mAh with 55W fast charging support. With almost all of its specs revealed, the only detail that remains unclear about the Civi is the introductory price.

Xiaomi 11T Pro has 120W of charge and consumption

economy and market
23 groups

Xiaomi Bad G

economy and market
23 groups

After a leak, the first details are revealed of the Xiaomi Sivvi device, the Chinese manufacturer has announced to the public that it will introduce new smartphones in this range next week.

NOT. The official event is scheduled to take place on September 27, at 2:00 p.m. CST (3:00 a.m. in Brasilia). In general, the teaser released by the company does not give any details on the future smartphones of the family.

Nonetheless, the company promises “modern and diverse designs with innovative imaging technology for confident young people.”

The Civi line is rumored to officially replace the late Xiaomi CC, but those details won’t be confirmed until next week.

Of course, new information on the next Xiaomi Civi smartphones could be leaked until next Monday. that’s the reason, Stay tuned here on TudoCelular.


economy and market
20 groups

Xiaomi 11T vs 11T Pro: the tests compare the performance between Snapdragon and Dimensity Chips

20 groups

Xiaomi is promoting a real change in its brands and ranges of smartphones. At first, I gave up on the Mi. brand And now, more information on the new Civi series is to come, indicating that the first model could arrive with the 108MP Samsung HM3 sensor found in the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

20 groups

Samsung Galaxy M52 battery receives approval

economy and market
20 groups

The information indicates that the Xiaomi Civi range is expected to replace the Xiaomi Mi CC, focusing on cameras. According to Xiaomiui’s Telegram channel, the device will use the 108MP Samsung HM3 sensor in the main camera. That’s good news, it’s on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, South Korea’s most powerful camera phone right now.

Samsung HM3 has a lot of potential, like ISOCELL 2.0, Smart-ISO, HDR Enhanced and capable of producing 12-bit color images.

Rumors also suggest that the Xiaomi Civi phone should have a MediaTek processor, but details on the model of the chip used are still unknown.


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Xiaomi 11T vs 11T Pro: the tests compare the performance between Snapdragon and Dimensity Chips

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Finally, it should be noted that the same source claims to have leaked some images where Xiaomi Civi appears. You can see from the third photo that the device has a large rear camera module and the hole in the screen for the front camera is relatively small.

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is available in Underwater 6.964 BRL. To see the other 14 shows, click here.

(Updated September 26, 2021 at 3:50 p.m.)

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Gordon Murray Design presents the iStream chassis for the Motiv quadricycle Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Gordon Murray Design continues to develop the iStream design and manufacturing process aimed at reducing cost, complexity, carbon footprint and overall product weight. The team is showcasing the Motiv Quadricycle and another EV chassis built with iStream technology at Cenex-LCV 2021 in Millbrook, UK.

According to Gordon Murray Design, iStream technology reduces the overall weight of a typical family car by more than 20% and the number of components needed to compose body panels by more than 50% while increasing stiffness. Additionally, the iStream’s systems can be used in a variety of vehicles, from electric quadricycles to mid-engined sports cars, and even large luxury SUVs or light commercial vehicles with ICE engines.

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The Motiv is a fully electric and autonomous quadricycle concept that was launched in early 2020, developed in collaboration with Innovate UK. Before that, Gordon Murray had presented several other city cars like the Shell Concept Car in 2016, the Yamaha Motiv.e in 2013 and the T.25 / T.27 in 2010, all designed according to the same principles.

Although it is classified as a quadricycle like the Citroën Ami, the Opel Rocks-e, the Mobilize EZ-1 and the Microlino 2.0, the Motiv is “designed and built to comply with collision regulations for cars. special consumer ‘, and is equipped with features such as ABS. , air conditioning, a large-screen infotainment system, upward swing doors and a battery “twice the size of similar vehicles”.

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Besides the Motiv platform, Gordon Murray Design also presents a similarly sized iStream eQuadricycle rolling platform. This one is 2.5 m (98.4 inches) long and weighs 400 kg (882 pounds). The battery offers a range of 140 miles (225 km) and can charge from 10 to 80% of its capacity in 40 minutes.

Jean-Philippe Launberg, Director of Strategy and Business at Gordon Murray Design, explained: “Our innovative manufacturing processes offer many benefits to automotive manufacturers who wish to design, develop and manufacture small to medium sized cars and commercial vehicles. volume that cannot be profitable. manufactured with their existing methodologies and footprint. It is a unique and cost effective way for global manufacturers to improve performance and efficiency in a sustainable way.

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