Skateboard brand

Stoneonta – The State Times

Pierreonta Instagram Ashley Hopkins, editor | Students and staff were excited to be back on campus for the fall 2021 semester. However, they weren’t the only ones who were excited. Small businesses in the area were eager to return to the student bustle, as businesses in the SUNY Oneonta and …

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Brand-loyal musicals in London

LONDON – There is a human story embedded in the shiny toy which is ‘Back to the Future: The Musical’, which opened Monday night at the Adelphi Theater here. But you’ve known pretty much from the start that an excited audience reserves their biggest roar of gratitude for a certain …

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Black woman-owned skateboard brand soars

What does a skateboarder really look like? In an interview with Bloomberg, Latosha Stone explained that most people would visualize a white man with long hair. Stone loves skateboarding and she owns a skate brand called Proper Gnar, which is the first black woman-owned skateboard company. While incorporating her creative …

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