Braun Motorbike exudes a deep historical association + the modern influence of the brand’s greatest creations

Any kind of association between German consumer products giant Braun and superbikes seems like an odd proposition, but not in the world of concept design. Automotive designer Víctor Groten Rico proves it with his quirky motorcycle concept draped in the spicy flavor of the iconic consumer brand!

The futuristic-looking bike not only has Braun’s namesake, but also carries the brand’s century of design philosophy that has provided functional and attractive solutions to our needs. In fact, for the brand’s glorious 100 years, the late iconic designer Virgil Abloh has teamed up with Braun to create a reinterpretation of the 1965 Wandanlage hi-fi audio wall unit.

This stylish bike is perhaps also a tribute to the famous brand’s unflappable heritage. Those flowing lines perfectly balanced with the voluptuous contours, front to back remind me of the Series 9 razor and a hint of Satin Hair 7 HD785 hair dryer is also apparent. The color palette and contours appear to be adapted from the Sixtant SM31 razor from 1962. The initial sketches are inspired by famous Dieter Rams designs that shaped the years of yesteryear in many ways, for example, the TP1 record player from 1959 or KF 20 coffee. maker.

The body of the Braun motorcycle has two definitive sections when viewed from the side profile. Everything here is in unison, from the integrated handlebars and seat to the swingarms and large wheels. The ultra-futuristic heads-up display sitting on the fat reservoir area is so intriguing that I want to take the bike for a ride now. It displays important telemetry like real-time speed, battery level, and a unique spectrum at the very bottom. The Braun Motorbike concept also has a hint of influence on the Tron bike – after all, Víctor describes it as a ride for the dystopian world!

Creator: Victor Groten Rico

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