‘Block of cement on my heart’; Music equipment stolen from North Carolina church

GASTONIA, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — There was genuine hope that the theft of thousands of dollars in sound and music equipment from New Generation Harvest Church in Gastonia would not happen again. In 2018, police said someone entered through the roof and stole approximately $6,000 worth of items from the church.

And over Thanksgiving weekend, Gastonia police say it happened for the second time.

In a report filed Sunday by the church, thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen, from wireless microphones to keyboards to mixers.

“When I started to look around and see all the things they had done, it was like someone had placed a block of cement over my heart,” Pastor Curtis Carter said.

On Monday, there were still telltale signs of the theft. A television ripped from the wall and damaged, along with the ends of the audio cables ripped from their cords.

Additionally, Carter said most of the building appeared to have been ransacked.

“They went through everything in the church,” Carter said.

In the 2018 case, suspects were identified and prosecuted, according to Carter. He said they were able to recover the stolen equipment.

In this most recent case, the front door appeared to have been forced open.

Carter said that in addition to the many missing items, there was also a searchlight and two COVID-19 disinfection units that were also taken.

Discovery of the incident occurred on Sunday morning as the church prepared for services. The church was able to continue services with a few last-minute workarounds.

“Whoever did it, we already forgive him,” Carter said. “I pray for their souls, and I hope that one day we can serve them.”

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