Architect Dorte Mandrup shares his design philosophy

Dorte Mandrup Ice Fjord Center in Ilulissat, Greenland (Photo: Mir)

Architect Dorte Mandrup designs amazing structures that blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Her “irreplaceable places” that she describes are just that: completely unique buildings that have found their place in some of nature’s most beautiful places. From its naturalistic whale observatory, located 185 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Norway (aptly titled The whale), to its comparably elegant Icefjord center in Ilulissat on the west coast of Greenland to its Babyn Yar Holocaust memorial center in Ukraine, calm and contemplative, Dorte’s illustrious architecture has a special way of highlighting the surroundings while introducing its own contextual meaning.

This week on the My Modern Met Top Artist podcast, we interview Mandrup about these irreplaceable places, exploring everything from developing initial concepts to finalizing designs. Mandrup also discusses her responsibilities as a leader in the field of design, where she actively pursues more gender equality in the male-dominated architectural industry. In addition, she answers questions from your listeners, sharing some areas where she has noticed room for improvement with the younger generation of architects.

This is a great episode for any art and design lover looking for more details on how to get started as an architect. We dive into the creative process of one of the most remarkable people working in their field today. Mandrup’s story demonstrates how one can succeed against overwhelming prejudices and ultimately help create one of the most innovative and empowering architectures on the planet.

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Listen to our conversation with architect Dorte Mandrup on the creation of his stimulating structures.

Watch the interview to see some of the “irreplaceable places” we discuss during our conversation.

Dorte Mandrup The Whale

“The Whale” by Dorte Mandrup in Norway (Photo: Mir)

Dorte Mandrup Trilateral Wadden Sea World Heritage Center

Wadden Sea Trilateral World Heritage Center in Dorte Mandrup (Photo: Mir)

Dorte Mandrup: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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